Exchange Programs

School Life

Space Camp: This program takes place in the NASA installations in Huntsville, Alabama. It uses the student’s interest in space to motivate and educate children and teens in the fields of mathematics, science and technology.

Teamwork, building self-confidence and learning how to communicate effectively are developed through simulation, missions, rocket building and robotics. Students also learn all they need to know about space vehicles and life in the International Space Station. The cost of the program includes airfares, room and board, and the materials that the students will need to undertake the different activities.
High School Camp in England: 3 weeks


  1. They receive English lessons during the morning. They work in groups paired with students from the same age group who have the same level of English as they do. They will obtain a Certification of Achievement upon the completion of the course.
  2. They stay in the dormitories at Harrow House.
  3. Besides the English lessons, they also have 15 hours of sports, cultural and recreational activities planned during the camp as well as half-day field trips and evening activities.
  4. The camp includes three 1-day field trips on Saturdays and one half-day fieldtrip on a Sunday.
  5. Students visit places like London, Oxford, Bath, Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury and Stonehenge among others.
  6. They visit cultural and historical sites and travel with groups of students from other countries, enhancing the international experience.