High School Director

Martha Díaz Calle

I’m an experienced, determined and resourceful language educator. My teaching experience began as a French Teacher for the MEP and from then on I’ve worked non-stop as an English Teacher in different prestigious Costa Rican institutions as well as a Substitute Teacher for the Central Oahu District in Hawaii for several years. This opportunity gave me the chance to learn about various grade levels, school environments, and methodologies. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in French from the UCR and I have completed most of the courses to obtain the Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language at the same institution. In addition, I like to be up-to-date in my field and I’ve recently participated in workshops such as the use of technology in second language teaching at the University of Minnesota, PBL Learning, 21st Century Skills among others.

High School

Marcos López

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in  Mathematics, also I´m tutor of Mathematical Costa Rican Olympics and MATEM teacher at the University of Costa Rica.

I consider myself a very organized, responsible and helpful person,  I am very active and cheerful in my work as a teacher of mathematics. I love watching students learn and enjoy my subject and watch them grow intellectually. I am also a faithful lover of order and discipline as a tool to achieve the objectives set.

High School

Susana Chacón

My name is Susana Chacón, I graduated in Spanish Philology from the UCR, I’ve been working at Saint Gregory for over 22 years since Mrs. Calderón opened the high school and invited me to be part of her project. There is nothing more than I enjoy than teaching and forming future generations. God has given me the privilege to guide them from seventh grade until they graduate. Being part of the Saint Gregory family has been a wonderful experience, that I could have never dreamed of.

High School

Jacqueline Alvarado

My name is Jacqueline Alvarado. As part of my professional training, I have a Bachelor in Education with emphasis in the teaching of Social Studies and with a Degree in Educational Evaluation. In order to be up to date in the prevailing  educational methodologies I have taken courses related to 21st Century Skills, PBL, Blending Learning, and Flipped Classroom among others. In addition, I am certified by ASOBITICO to teach the History course in the International Baccalaureate Program. Before becoming part of this great institution I have had the opportunity to work in other prestigious schools in the country.

I describe myself as an organized and dynamic person who likes challenges and enjoys the activities I am part of.

Biology Teacher

Gabriela Leiva

My name is Gabriela Leiva, your Biology professor and currently have nineteen years of experience in the field.

I’m pro active, communicative and have a great interest in the well being of my students as well as my coworkers. In Saint Gregory I teach the biology program from 9th to 11th grade and I’m the IB coordinator.

High School

Raquel Rivera

My name is Raquel Leandro and I am Philosophy graduate from the Universidad de Costa Rica. I have four years of experience working with all ages. This is my first year working in Saint Gregory School. I like to teach because it’s really rewarding to fill their minds with knowledge and reinforcing their abilities.

High School

Luis Antonio Bedoya

I studied Philology at the University of Costa Rica and I have been dedicated to the education of teenagers for over 16 years. Since I am also a writer, in my class I seek to motivate the exercise of writing not only as a fundamental communication tool in our competitive society, but also as a valuable instrument of communication with ourselves. In addition, I am enthusiastic about the institutional initiative of joining the International Baccalaureate community, I have the expectation that reading will be appreciated from more attractive edges to students. My main goal for my classes is to read with pleasure and write with passion; Everything else, as always, is granted.

High School

Yuliana Madrigal

My name is Yuliana Madrigal Araya. I obtained my degree as Bachelor in Teaching of Mathematics at the University of Costa Rica, I consider myself to be an organized, active, responsible and helpful person.

I have worked with teenagers for at least eight years in different public and private projects and this is my first year at Saint Gregory School. I enjoy to share knowledge with my students, to witness their learning and growth in my subject, in addition to fostering in them critical thinking and analytical skills.

French teacher

Carol Vindas

Hello, my name is Carol Vindas and I am 41 years old. I am Spanish – French fluent and I have a high intermediate English level. I graduated from the University of Costa Rica in French. Since I obtained my degree in 2002, I worked for the MEP program at the French-Spanish Bilingual Educational Centers. I was a homeroom teacher of one group and a Spanish teacher for the other one. I taught Science and Math in French as well the regular French class.

My experience also extends to the private field of education where I worked as a French teacher in elementary and high school at Mont Berkeley School and Saint Gregory School. I have also been a tutor for teenagers preparing to take their DELF exam in different levels.

This year, I have the wonderful opportunity to be part of Saint Gregory again, taking on new challenges and hoping to live great experiences.

I want to continue studying and learning, because in this beautiful mission of life that we teachers have, we must always grow and learn personally and professionally.

High School

Kenneth Waterhouse

I learnt English since kid and, during elementary and high school I was the one who supported my classmates when they required aid on their assignments; this carved out in me the vocation for contributing in the growth of others with empathy and solicitousness.

I’ve been an English language professor for 7 years, and my goal, in the medium-term, is to obtain a master’s degree in educational administration, and another one in psycopedagogy.

Amongst my leisure activities are singing, listening to opera, poetry, and reading scientific papers or watching documentaries of philosophical or psychological content.

My mission as a professional is to contribute to the lives of my students by teaching within a significant learning, and leaving a positive mark which may be useful for their future.

High School

Jesús Real López

I am truly passionate about history, debate, healthy constructive criticism and generating new ideas, knowledge and learning. A proud graduate professor from the UCR, with a humanistic background and focused on helping people.

I have worked in virtual education institutions such as the CNVMTS Calle Fallas, training young people and adults at CINDEA Pavas, as well as at a technical college and a private school.

My second passion after history and Social Studies is Law. I am currently studying this career and  hope soon to have a beautiful career among my personal heritage.

I love to enjoy a good time talking, messing around, but above all sharing with the people I love.

In short, I am Jesús Real López and I am here to serve the institution and give all the best.

High School

Alexander Araya

Ever since I was in elementary school I had a fascination with biology and marine life. I graduated from the first generation of the International Baccalaureate at Palmares Bilingual High School in 2010 and even did my extended essay in biology. Subsequently, in 2014, I graduated from the Marine Biology career at the National University and got a Master’s Degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences at the same university in 2018. I have worked as an editor for Revista de Ciencias Marinas y Costeras, fundraiser for Asociación Latin American Sea Turtles and marine sponge taxonomist for the University of Costa Rica. In addition, I have taught college and diploma level lessons in topics such as coral reef ecology, marine sponge taxonomy and ecology, oceanography, and marine and coastal ecosystems.

High School

Adriana María Picado

My name is Adriana Picado Rossi, I have a Chemistry degree from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and a Biology degree with Emphasis in Tropical Biology from the National University of Costa Rica (UNA). I have worked in the scientific research field, such as in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (UCR) and in the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (CIMAR), as well as in the development of scientific articles in the field of Biology .

At the UCR, I had the great opportunity to teach the General Chemistry Laboratory course for several semesters, an activity that I really enjoyed. I have around 15 years of experience teaching; definitely being a professor is what fills my heart and soul!

I love animals (all of them, from insects to elephants), and I really enjoy exercising, listening to music, singing and my three main passions are teaching, etymology and animals. For me, being a teacher is a privilege!

Coord. Non-Sports Matters and Social Responsibility

Lucrecia Brenes

Graduated in Preschool Education from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.
I am in charge of the coordination of Social Responsibility projects in which the School participates; one of the most relevant is “Regalando Sonrisas”. Additionally, I handle everything related to the elective subjects, that are not of the sports area. I am responsible for the The Wolves Cheerleading team, I have had the privilege of accompanying them in the last three Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Physical Education Teacher

Adolfo Centeno

I have a degree in Physical Education from Florencio del Castillo University, I have 2 years of experience in Education and 5 years as a soccer coach with a Federative license from FEDEFUTBOL. I have worked with teams such as UCR, Uruguay de Coronado and currently in Liga Deportiva Alajuelense; I specialize in the formation of early ages of 4 years and older focused on soccer. In the educational part my specialty is the small ages as Preschool and Primary, besides working in sports such as basketball and handball. I feel very proud to belong to the Saint Gregory family.

IT Teacher

Kevin Quesada Arias

I have a degree in Systems Engineering from the UAM, a Technical Degree in Programming. Currently studying for a master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in TICs in Education, UNINI Mexico and Universidad Europea del Atlántico.
I have been working at Saint Gregory for more than 5 years, where I have worked as an IT professor. Classes from Nursery to Eleventh grade and Programming teacher. Additionally, I am in charge of the Technology department, Cloud Campus administrator and provide support in the Progrentis Mentor Program.
I am a musician, I have played bass for 8 years. I love reading, among my favorite books and authors are: The Bible, John Maxwell, J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. I collect Scout badges and scarves (I was an active member for 11 years) and I also collect scale BMW cars.