High School Director

Martha Díaz Calle

I’m an experienced, determined and resourceful language educator. My teaching experience began as a French Teacher for the MEP and from then on I’ve worked non-stop as an English Teacher in different prestigious Costa Rican institutions as well as a Substitute Teacher for the Central Oahu District in Hawaii for several years. This opportunity gave me the chance to learn about various grade levels, school environments, and methodologies. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in French from the UCR and I have completed most of the courses to obtain the Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language at the same institution. In addition, I like to be up-to-date in my field and I’ve recently participated in workshops such as the use of technology in second language teaching at the University of Minnesota, PBL Learning, 21st Century Skills among others.

High School

Martín Garita

I started my career in a DA institution before joining Saint Gregory School. I have been working here since 2015. It is a great institution where my heart now belongs, not only for its quality but also the kindness of its students.

Being a teacher at SGS is one of my major professional achievement. Throughout the years I have learned a lot and keep on learning every day.

High School

Marcos López

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in  Mathematics, also I´m tutor of Mathematical Costa Rican Olympics and MATEM teacher at the University of Costa Rica.

I consider myself a very organized, responsible and helpful person,  I am very active and cheerful in my work as a teacher of mathematics. I love watching students learn and enjoy my subject and watch them grow intellectually. I am also a faithful lover of order and discipline as a tool to achieve the objectives set.

High School

Susana Chacón

My name is Susana Chacón, I graduated in Spanish Philology from the UCR, I’ve been working at Saint Gregory for over 22 years since Mrs. Calderón opened the high school and invited me to be part of her project. There is nothing more than I enjoy than teaching and forming future generations. God has given me the privilege to guide them from seventh grade until they graduate. Being part of the Saint Gregory family has been a wonderful experience, that I could have never dreamed of.

High School

Carlos Eduardo Alfaro

My name is Carlos Eduardo Alfaro, I’ve a degree in Mathematics (licensed degree) from the UCR. Also, I took part of an international congress to improve mathematical education in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. This is my fifth year of experience working in high school. Previously I participated in various projects in the UCR partaking in areas such as Talamanca, Nicoya and Sarapiquí.

High School

Jacqueline Alvarado

My name is Jacqueline Alvarado. As part of my professional training, I have a Bachelor in Education with emphasis in the teaching of Social Studies and with a Degree in Educational Evaluation. In order to be up to date in the prevailing  educational methodologies I have taken courses related to 21st Century Skills, PBL, Blending Learning, and Flipped Classroom among others. In addition, I am certified by ASOBITICO to teach the History course in the International Baccalaureate Program. Before becoming part of this great institution I have had the opportunity to work in other prestigious schools in the country.

I describe myself as an organized and dynamic person who likes challenges and enjoys the activities I am part of.

High School

Jose Paniagua Trejos

I’m a native speaker who has been in the country for the past 15 years. I have a degree in English Education with emphasis in translation as well as a Master’s degree (Administration with emphasis in Education).  I love teaching and have been doing it since 2006. Working with my students has been a great experience that goes beyond education and it even translates to the basketball court.

Elementary-High School

Ericka Rodriguez

I am Ericka Rodriguez Vargas. Graduated from the Universidad Experimental Pedagógica Libertador. Caracas Venezuela.

Started and completed my studies from pre-school to high school in Souderton, Pennsylvania. With more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, I have held positions as a professor in the areas of History, Geography, Social Studies, Science and English as a second language in the areas of phonetics, phonology and literature from school to university level. I worked as a university professor at the Master’s level for 11 years. I have had the opportunity to accumulate extensive international experience both professionally and personally. Collaborating as an international moderator of Rotary Club and contributing my knowledge in the area of Translation to private companies. I have worked at SGS since February 2015.

Biology Teacher

Gabriela Leiva

My name is Gabriela Leiva, your Biology professor and currently have nineteen years of experience in the field.

I’m pro active, communicative and have a great interest in the well being of my students as well as my coworkers. In Saint Gregory I teach the biology program from 9th to 11th grade and I’m the IB coordinator.

Elementary-High School

Miranda Di Silvestri

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied Preschool and Elementary in a British School in Caracas and for High School I attended a catholic school.
I am a very curious person and loved the experience in the high school laboratories, especially my Senior Year Sciences courses, so I decided to study Biology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Learning about natural processes and how nature functions was an amazing experience that still nowadays I enjoy. Once I graduated from the university I had the opportunity of a job offer as a High School Biology teacher in a bilingual school in Caracas and my career as an educator started. I have taught Science courses in Elementary and High School. In 2001 I learned about the International Baccalaureate Organization that offered rigorous and appealing programs for schools. Since then I worked in the implementation of the Diploma Program and the Middle Years Program in my former school.
As an educator in believe the best way of maintaining an adequately and nurturing learning environment is always preparing interesting classes taking in account the students interests and curiosity, respecting them and always present them with an interesting challenge.
I am looking forward to have a wonderful teaching and learning experience at Saint Gregory School.

High School

Mariam Ríos

I am a graduate of the University of Costa Rica with certifications and diplomas of academic excellence. Regarding my work facet, I have extensive experience in the French language and its teaching with over 500 hours of tutoring; work with student populations and teaching in educational institutions of the country, in addition to the preparation of students from seventh to ninth grades through workshops for the examinations of the Alliance Française (DELF). I have always manifested my work commitment with excellence and with a self-taught process for the understanding of the responsibilities linked to the teaching labor and the opportunities that are generated from the educational system. I also take the license to highlight that I consider myself a
disciplined, extroverted, well-behaved, sociable person with a desire to excel and always willing to build new experiences to achieve the goals set.

High School

Jose Calderón

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