High School

Seventh to Eleventh Grades

Educational Services

Our focus at the High School level is develop academic skills in each student while also teaching the importance of commitment, responsibility, being informed both about local and international issues and to be good communicators; and above all to always act with integrity in all aspects of their young lives.

Our educational offer is unique and is supported by what makes us different:

  • Active learning methodologies.
  • Collaborative work.
  • English language.
  • French language.
  • Soft skills development.
  • Digital citizenship.
  • Alternative assessments.
  • Apps: Progrentis, ALEKS, and Google Classroom, Science Bits.
  • Diploma Program.
  • Personalized Attention.
  • DELF certification, French Alliance.
  • MATEM.
  • Summer courses.
  • Public universities preparation course.
  • Schedule support program for high-performance athletes.
  • Exchanges France and England.
  • MUN program.
  • Educational tours.
  • Clubs.