Who we are

More than 34 years of excellence… In 1984 Saint Gregory School opened its doors with children at the preschool level. In 1986 it widened its services to include elementary school and in 1995 high school. In 1993 the first stage of construction at our current campus began on the main street to Tres Ríos in San Juan de La Unión. Ever since February 14, 1994 Saint Gregory has been offering its educational services at this property, and the campus continues to grow and develop year after year.

Saint Gregory was recognized and authorized by the “Consejo Superior de Educación Pública de Costa Rica” (Costa Rica’s Superior Education Council), in the Session 41-86 held on July 10th, 1986. In 1987, it became a member of the Association of Private Education Institutions (A.C.E.P). It is also a member of the Network of Schools Associated with UNESCO since February 1994, and of the International Educators for Peace since August 1995.

Saint Gregory School offers a multilingual education. Our students study Spanish, English and French. Spanish is the native language, and English as the primary foreign language. Students use English daily in their classes and graduate bilingual those students who joined our school from their early years. French is offered as complementary language.

Students and staff interact with technology and robotics, always aiming to provide our students with the skills they need to face a globalized world where they will compete with other professionals from around the world. We use engaging methodologies to foster learning, allowing students to work with iPads in the classroom daily from first grade onward.

In December 1999, our first generation of graduates completed their education. To this day, all our subsequent generations have obtained a 100% graduation rate in the national Baccalaureate exams.

We are very aware of the importance of early stimulation, which is why we offer our early educational programs Super Babies and Little Swimmers. These programs focus on babies as young as one week old. Later, these babies can move to our Toddlers level as part of Saint Gregory Preschool, eventually moving on to Elementary and High school. Thus, we give continuity to the educational and formative process of the child from the cradle to the moment they emerge as graduates at the end of their eleventh grade in High School, all at our beautiful and secure facilities in Tres Ríos.