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Welcome to Saint Gregory, get to know us through the link, or just stop by anytime, it´s Open House everyday here!

Saint Gregory specializes in Personalized Attention, we offer a safe, loving, family, high level education environment in which the students are treated like they were our own children. We have students who are just days old all the way up to 17 years old, and are proud to say we have a perfect promotion record with the MEP standardised testing of our senior students.

Out of 113 students that have taken the tests, 33 have had a grade average of above 90%, seven students have graduate as Honor Students at a National Standard, and all of them have been promoted to go into higher education whether in Costa Rica or abroad.

Value of the month: Tolerancia

La tolerancia es la capacidad que tienen los seres humanos, de saber escuchar y aceptar a los demás, ser tolerante es lo mismo que ser respetuoso, indulgente y considerado con los demás.

Cuando hablamos del valor de la tolerancia, podemos referirnos al respeto que debemos de tener hacia la otra persona, hacia sus ideas, prácticas o creencias, independientemente de sean un distintas a las nuestras.

Ser tolerante es adoptar formas flexibles y diversas, frente a la vida, para evitar o disminuir los conflictos y supone el respeto mutuo, mediante el entendimiento del uno para con el otro.

No me gusta la palabra tolerancia, pero no encuentro otra mejor. El amor empuja a tener, hacia la fe de los demás, el mismo respeto que se tiene por la propia.

(Mahatma Gandhi)


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Education in High School is based on commitment, values, responsibility and a highly academic curriculum, to prepare the students for the challenges that life may bring.

All of our staff are professionals in their areas, and are programs and subjects seek to allow the students to learn the necessary skills for a 21st Century work environment.



Elementary helps guide the students through their first steps in laguages, mathematics, science, geography, history and writing.  To help the kids in this process there are Mimio Boards, iPad and a special student Wi-fi connection.



Preschool has a multilingual, academic, technological all-round education focus. The kids are submerged into English and Spanish, and study french as an extra.



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