Online Learning Program

We Offer

Our NEW Online Learning High School Study Program is designed to take 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade levels with fully virtual classes, which can be taken from home or anywhere with internet access. All that is required is a computer or tablet with a microphone and camera. Regular school hours are Monday through Friday from 7:20 am to 12:35 pm.

Competences and skills focus on programs issued by the Ministry of Public Education, with the Saint Gregory School seal of excellence. Our educational axis seeks the development of critical and logical thinking, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and responsibility, all skills necessary for the professional world to which they will be immersed in adulthood.

Once all high school courses are finalized with our Online Learning program, the student will have the option of becoming certified in the English language, MATEM, UCR Pre-Calculus and additionally will have support for the admission tests of the country's public universities.

The curriculum is complemented by the choice of two elective subjects by the student, which will be taught from 1:25 pm to 2:05 pm.

This program offers the student an excellent and modern education in an Institution that is always at the forefront, with the highest teaching standards and the best digital study tools.