Preschool Coordinator

Mariell Pineda

My name is Mariell Pineda Alvarez and i have eight years of experience in education, six of those years have been dedicated working in Saint Gregory. Some years ago I finished my studies in preschool education at the Universidad Latina, but I’m always willing to learn more.


Carolina Meza

My name is Carolina Meza, so far this is my seventh year working in Saint Gregory School, nonetheless I have 10 years working with Preschool children. I finished my Licenciatura in the University Católica of Costa Rica and I have a masters in the Universidad Latina.


Joselyn Méndez

My name is Joselyn Méndez, this is my second year working in Saint Gregory, but in total I have 5 years working as a preschool assistant. Currently I’m finishing my career in ESL. I’m a very active person and love to help others giving my 100%.


Edith Sánchez

My name is Edith Sánchez Gutiérrez. I have five years working in Saint Gregory and six years in total of experience working with Preschool children. I finished my studies in the Universidad Latina and I plan to keep on growing as a professional.


Darline Campos

My name is Darline Campos Farrier, I am 27 years young and love to work with children. Since young I knew I wanted to teach and my dream came true when I graduated from the USA as an EFL and ESL teacher. Three years ago I had the privilege of working in this school which reaffirmed that my love and passion is for the children.


Francinny Naranjo

My name is Francinny Naranjo and this is my fifth year working in Saint Gregory School. I have three years working in Preparatory and before that I worked with Kinder and Pre-k for one year each. Also I had the opportunity of working with Toddlers and Nursery one year and also was in charge of the Afterschool program.  I have Bachelors in Preschool Bilingual Education and I have a Tech in Early Stimulation. Working with children is my passion and I hope I can do it for many more years.


Corie Urrego

My name is Cory Urrego Burgos and this is my second year working in Saint Gregory School. I finished my studies in 2016 at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. I have a Masters in the Montessori Philosophy, which I obtained in the Kenesaw University, Georgia. My vocation towards education inspires me every day to give my best and to give all my love to the kids. Teaching with our example is teaching from the heart.


Melissa Mora

My name is Melissa Mora Solís and I´m 22 years old. I have worked as a Preschool teacher since 2016. I describe myself as a creative and outgoing person. I´m always ready learn from new experiences and to be constantly improving. At 2016 I was hired on a school for the first time. There, I was the headteacher of a Prekinder and a Kinder level. In 2017 I worked in the same place, as the headteacher of a Kinder group. Besides, I was the English teacher of the whole school.