Educational Services

Preschool education in Saint Gregory is founded on a multilingual, academic, technological, formative and integral process. The children are completely immersed in learning the English language through daily class activities. During these activities, the students acquire and expand their vocabulary in a natural way. When they reach PreKinder, the curriculum is strengthened with the inclusion of the French language.

This process is complemented with the Montessori Philosophy, which seeks to develop their capacities and practical skills, paying special attention to the physical, emotional and intellectual areas through a process that bolsters freedom in a controlled environment.

Swimming is another of the many things we offer at Preschool as part of our integral education program.

Our educational offer is unique and supported by what makes us different:

  • Small groups.
  • Large green and recreational areas.
  • Preschool exclusive soccer field, designed especially for children of their age.
  • Specialized area for neuromotor development.
  • Daily brain oxygenation practice from Glenn Doman’s program.
  • Personalized, real, unique, comprehensive, and effective attention.
  • Children work at Learning Stations.
  • Montessori, complements their training with the academic curricular approach.
  • Active Methodologies.
  • 100% English.
  • French as a complementary language starting in kindergarten.
  • Clubs included in the monthly payment.
  • Pedagogical and tempered pool on our campus and included in the monthly payment.
  • Lunch included in the monthly payment.
  • Cloud Campus as a communication and monitoring tool between students and teachers.

Levels and corresponding Age groups:

Nursery: starting from 10 months
Toddlers: 2 years as of February 01st
Pre Kinder: 3 years and 3 months old as of February 01ST
Kinder: 4 years and 3 months as of February 01ST
Preparatory: 5 years and 3 months as of February 01ST