What is S3?

In Saint Gregory we have a department called: S3 (Student, Support, Service), which aims to provide support, guidance and permanent monitoring of all our students and therefore parents who require it. We have our Psychopedagogue, Cynthia Méndez; School Counselor, Carolina González Garita; and our Psychologist, Martha Vallina Ramírez; all of them with extensive experience in the educational field.

This Department is in constant communication with the entire Saint Gregory community, fostering an atmosphere of trust that allows students to approach and freely express their emotions, feelings, concerns and doubts about any topic.

Additionally, we have created a Support Network for healthy coexistence, based on the Anatole Pikas method, which focuses on the following objectives:

  • Allow a deeper knowledge of the student’s reality within the classroom and their interaction with the community in general.
  • Enable tools that generate better interpersonal relationships with their peers.
  • Promote critical thinking and assertive communication that maximizes understanding of others, where respect for differences, tolerance and solidarity prevails.
  • Use tools that promote a culture of peace, dialogue and harmony, which will be led by young people who will be selected in each classroom, to shape this support network.

The main purpose of the S3 Department is to create happy, adapted students who can acquire knowledge and develop emotional intelligence that allows them an adequate social ability to face the conflicts and difficulties that life has.


Martha Vallina

I have a degree in Psychology from the Antonio Nariño University (Colombia) and the University of Costa Rica. I have 25 years of experience in the educational area, being a psychologist, academic coordinator, protector of childhood and adolescence and in private care for families, children and adolescents. I have had plenty of professional development on family care, I consider that the emotional bases of the human being are born from this important nucleus, for this reason I work ceaselessly in the promotion and prevention of mental health.

My personal goal is to maintain a constant personal growth, to offer the same to those who are in my environment, applying my knowledge and experience as a psychologist.

The most significant and beautiful thing that exists for me is to be able to share, be an instrument of improvement, guidance and support. Exercising as a Psychologist has allowed me to do it continuously.


Carolina González

Guidance Counselor graduated from the University of Costa Rica, with 5 years of work experience in business commercial operations, social responsibility and requirements sought by future employers. Incursion in several artistic and sports disciplines.

Focused on promoting critical thinking, proactivity, assertive communication and teamwork.


Cynthia Méndez

Psychopedagogy from La Salle University, Costa Rica. Bachelor in Educational Sciences Graduated specialized in Special Education from Universidad Catolica, Costa Rica. Bachelor in Educational Sciences. University of Sciences and Art, Costa Rica. Bachelor in Education specialized in Special Teaching and Emotional Difficulties. Postgraduate in Assisted Technology specialized in “Augmentative Media – An alternative for communication and learning”, National University of General San Martín, School of Humanities, Argentina. Additional courses and certification such as Multiple Intelligences and Conflict Management, University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica.

My object of study is personalized learning, because of it, I like to develop as a professional where I can provide value and support to students, teachers, and mothers, parents with my training and experience in topics related to behavior, communication, and meaningful learning.

I firmly believe in teamwork ( parents or guardians of the student, teachers, and the student). Learning is a seed that is sown, and its process must be respected according to the needs of each student, based on their learning style and pace; everything is a process that requires steps to reach their goal, and I like to be the mediator for those goals with the students.

One of my philosophies in life is based on KAIZEN ( a Japanese word composed of two words: kai, that means change, and zen, that expresses for something better, and in this way means continuous improvement, either in the personal, family or social context).  I believe that we are human beings capable of becoming better human beings every day.