The Pack

About Us

The Pack was born in 2012 as a project that had the objective of updating the image of our school mascot. This project involved our high school students as part of their human development course.

From the results of the project and course we can highlight the fact that the students at Saint Gregory High School saw themselves like a pack of wolves where each member looks out for each other; older students become the mentors and role models for the younger ones. They see each other as a pack in which loyalty and caring for each other is fundamental and the bonds of affection that they forge grow stronger day by day, consolidating long-lasting friendships amongst them.

Students come to the realization that they may work together with students from different levels, each putting forth their individual contributions. Our students state that they are heard and cared for. They develop a strong sense of belonging and feel like valued members of the school community.

Seeing themselves as a pack symbolizes many of the values that characterize our school such as loyalty, respect, open communication, sincerity, caring, generosity and team work.