Cafeteria & Nutrition


Saint Gregory has a cafeteria designed to serve large groups at any given time. The “Hexagon”, has the furnishings and staff to handle breakfast, snacks and lunch for all our student population, following a healthy and nutritious food service, with menus that are approved by a nutritionist. The menus are sent out on a monthly basis so that our parents are informed of the food choices available each day.

In our cafeteria we have an Executive Chef, graduated from INA, with 13 years of experience. He has certifications in Etiquette and Protocol, Manufacturing Practices, Administration, Human Resources and Tourism Activities, among others. He studied in Colombia “International Transfer of Knowledge in Gastronomy", where he also had the opportunity to expand his knowledge of Colombian food, however, his specialty is Peruvian food.

He has been part of the Saint Gregory family since september 2017.