High School Director

Martha Díaz Calle

I proudly describe myself as an experienced, determined, and resourceful language educator. My teaching experience began as a French instructor when the Ministry of Education launched the French Program for public schools in 1995; since then, I have also worked as an English teacher in different prestigious private institutions in Costa Rica. Furthermore, I had the good fortune of working as a substitute teacher for the Central District of Oahu in Hawaii for several years. This fortuity gave me the tools and experience to teach in different grade levels, from preschool to high school, and to learn from various educational environments and teaching methodologies. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in French and English from UCR and a Master’s Degree in Education. I’m aware that the learning process is constantly changing, and in order to keep up with innovations, I constantly take part in workshops such as the use of technology in teaching a second language at the University of Minnesota, PBL Learning, 21st Century Skills, among others.

IB Coordinator

Ivannia Brenes

My name is Ivannia Brenes Flores and I am the Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and I guide the students in the Theory of Knowledge class. I have been a teacher for twenty-eight years of which eighteen have been dedicated to the IB. I studied Spanish Philology at the UCR, I got a bachelor’s degree in teaching Spanish, a degree in teaching, and a master’s degree in educational administration. At the IB I have also taught Literature, Language Arts, and Self-taught. I love reading, gardening and I am an animal lover at heart and soul.

I am very honored to work at Saint Gregory and ready to help in what is required. I firmly believe in teamwork with families, in the open-door classroom where we can all participate and my goal is to fully empower each of the students to achieve their dreams.

Primary and High School Assistant

Laura Arrieta


Susana Chacón

My name is Susana Chacón, I graduated in Spanish Philology from the UCR, I’ve been working at Saint Gregory for over 22 years since Mrs. Calderón opened the high school and invited me to be part of her project. There is nothing more than I enjoy than teaching and forming future generations. God has given me the privilege to guide them from seventh grade until they graduate. Being part of the Saint Gregory family has been a wonderful experience, that I could have never dreamed of.


Jacqueline Alvarado

My name is Jacqueline Alvarado. As part of my professional training, I have a Bachelor in Education with emphasis in the teaching of Social Studies and with a Degree in Educational Evaluation. In order to be up to date in the prevailing educational methodologies I have taken courses related to 21st Century Skills, PBL, Blending Learning, and Flipped Classroom among others. In addition, I am certified by ASOBITICO to teach the History course in the International Baccalaureate Program. Before becoming part of this great institution I have had the opportunity to work in other prestigious schools in the country.

I describe myself as an organized and dynamic person who likes challenges and enjoys the activities I am part of.


Luis Antonio Bedoya

I studied Philology at the University of Costa Rica and I have been dedicated to the education of teenagers for over 16 years. Since I am also a writer, in my class I seek to motivate the exercise of writing not only as a fundamental communication tool in our competitive society, but also as a valuable instrument of communication with ourselves. In addition, I am enthusiastic about the institutional initiative of joining the International Baccalaureate community, I have the expectation that reading will be appreciated from more attractive edges to students. My main goal for my classes is to read with pleasure and write with passion; Everything else, as always, is granted.


Yuliana Madrigal

My name is Yuliana Madrigal Araya. I obtained my degree as Bachelor in Teaching of Mathematics at the University of Costa Rica, I consider myself to be an organized, active, responsible and helpful person.

I have worked with teenagers for at least eight years in different public and private projects and this is my first year at Saint Gregory School. I enjoy to share knowledge with my students, to witness their learning and growth in my subject, in addition to fostering in them critical thinking and analytical skills.

French teacher

Carol Vindas

Hola, mi nombre es Carol Vindas y tengo 41 años. Soy Bilingüe Francés -Español y domino en un 70% el idioma Inglés. Soy graduada de la Universidad de Costa Rica en Francés. Desde que obtuve mi título en el 2002, trabajé con el Ministerio de Educación Pública, en el proyecto De Centros Educativos Bilingües Francés – Español. En el mismo era profesora guía o de grado de un grupo y maestra de español para otro. Con mi grupo guía trabajaba en el idioma francés Ciencias, Matemáticas y Francés; y con el otro trabajaba en español las materias de Estudios Sociales y Español. Tuve a mi cargo las secciones de segundo, tercero, cuarto y quinto.

Mi experiencia se extiende también al ámbito privado de la educación, en donde laboré como profesora de francés en primaria y secundaria en los colegios Mont Berkeley y Saint Gregory. Asimismo, he impartido tutorías para chicos y chicas en edad adolescente que se están preparando para presentar su examen del DELF en los diferentes niveles.

Este año tengo la maravillosa oportunidad de volver a ser parte de la familia Saint Gregory, asumiendo nuevos retos y esperando vivir grandes experiencias.

Quiero seguir estudiando y aprendiendo ya que en esta hermosa misión de vida que tenemos los docentes siempre debemos crecer y aprender personal y profesionalmente.


Alexander Araya

Ever since I was in elementary school I had a fascination with biology and marine life. I graduated from the first generation of the International Baccalaureate at Palmares Bilingual High School in 2010 and even did my extended essay in biology. Subsequently, in 2014, I graduated from the Marine Biology career at the National University and got a Master’s Degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences at the same university in 2018. I have worked as an editor for Revista de Ciencias Marinas y Costeras, fundraiser for Asociación Latin American Sea Turtles and marine sponge taxonomist for the University of Costa Rica. In addition, I have taught college and diploma level lessons in topics such as coral reef ecology, marine sponge taxonomy and ecology, oceanography, and marine and coastal ecosystems.


Yenori Edwards

I was born in Port Limon and the age of 17, I joined the OM Ships International, a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, help, and hope around the world. During my time there, I was able to share the love of God, interact in different cultural settings, translate for and teach English to the Hispanic communities and crew members on the ship.

Two years later, I returned to Costa Rica and decided to study English Translation and English Teaching. Later I realized that my passion was to be in the classroom making a difference in the lives of students laughing, singing, teaching, and learning -I strongly believe teaching happens from the facilitator to the students and vice versa!

With over thirty-three years of experience teaching both in prestigious schools in Costa Rica and in the United States, my genuine love for languages, cultures, and teaching young people and adults have made me the professional I am today both as a high school English teacher and college professor.

I love singing, acting, laughing, going to the movies, and having long conversations with family and friends. I also enjoy driving on the highway at night and during holidays when there is little to no vehicle on the road. I believe that it is the perfect time to notice and admire the wonder of God’s creation and mercy towards mankind. In the world full of distractions, we tend to forget to stop and appreciate God’s love and presence in our lives.


Luis Armando Matamoros

Antes de contarles sobre mi experiencia y formación profesional, quisiera mencionarles que soy un ser humano enfocado en la lucha por la formación de una juventud más integral, creo en los estudiantes y por eso día con día mis esfuerzos van encaminados en brindarles oportunidades para que desarrollen sus talentos.

Soy docente de Estudios Sociales y Educación Cívica en el sistema nacional, además de ser docente de Historia, CAS, Gestión Empresarial en el Programa de Bachillerato Internacional y cuento con seis años de experiencia. Además, cuento con una Maestría en Administración Educativa.

Más que el título, siempre me he enfocado en potenciar las habilidades de los estudiantes, que disfruten del proceso educativo, y que comprendan la realidad en la cual vivimos en la actualidad, siempre manejo el lema: “No me gustan las aulas calladas, porque un aula callada es un aula triste, y no me gustan los espacios tristes”.


Natalia Díaz

Saludos cordiales, mi nombre es Natalia Díaz Soto y tengo 14 años trabajando como instructora de inglés. Estudié en la UCR y ahí obtuve mi Bachillerato en Enseñanza del Inglés, así como mi Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés como Segunda Lengua (enseñando a personas con discapacidad). También cuento con la categoría MT6 al sacar un Diplomado en la enseñanza de I y II ciclo. Hace un par de años obtuve mi Licenciatura en las Ciencias de la Educación con énfasis en Evaluación. Me encanta estar actualizada y estudiar todo lo que sea posible, relacionado a la enseñanza. En mi experiencia como docente he trabajado principalmente en instituciones privadas y en la UCR. En colegios privados he trabajado con niños y adolescentes. Me gusta mucho trabajar en la universidad, pero siempre voy a preferir trabajar con adolescentes, ya que ellos son todo un reto y personas muy valiosas, de las cuales se puede aprender muchísimo. Este es mi primer año en SGS y me siento muy contenta, entusiasmada y honrada al trabajar en esta institución.


Jefferson Villaplana

My name is Jefferson Villaplana Sánchez, physicist and professor in Science Teaching at the University of Costa Rica. I have 12 years of college teaching experience and 5 years of high school teaching experience. I’m currently a medical student. Science is the progressive approach of man and woman to the real world.


Gabriel Murillo

Robotics and English teacher graduated with honors from the University of Costa Rica (UCR). With extensive experience in teaching English and robotics in the most prestigious institutions in the country. With high aptitude for information technology (IT). Certified by LEGO Education as We Do and EV3 Mindstorms robotics instructor. Co-coach of the First LEGO League nationals winning team 2019: City Shaper.


Jesica Varela

Student Support

Lorna Álvarez

Hello, my name is Lorna Alvarez Solano. I have a degree in Psychopedagogy, and I have more than 20 years of experience in education. I have worked both in public and private areas, and I have experience in all educational cycles. Since I was a child, I was inclined to be a teacher. Later, I met psychology and fell in love with it, and I had the great opportunity to get to psychopedagogy, which makes a fusion of both disciplines in addition to providing support to all human beings who are in the teaching and learning process; and for that reason, I specialized in this area. I have worked with children and teenagers, as well as with university students, in a classroom and in private tutoring. I consider myself a sensitive person, and I really like to support children and adolescents and make them see that the world has a wide range of opportunities waiting for them. This is my first year in this great institution, Saint Gregory School, where I have found a warm and loving place to which I am proud and honored to belong.

Sports Coordinator

Marcela Reyes

My name is Marcela Reyes Jiménez. I have a degree in Teaching with an emphasis in Physical Education graduated from the Universidad de Costa Rica and the UNED. I have 18 years of experience in teaching preschool, primary and secondary school, as well as a University professor at the Universidad Internacional de las Americas.

I have 18 years of experience as a coach of institutional cheerleading teams and national cheerleading teams during 4 processes, in which we participated in the Cheerleading World Cup in the United States. I started as a cheerleader from third grade all the way through the Ulatina and UCR university processes. As a coach, I started in 2003 at the Liceo Laboratorio, 15 years as a coach at the Methodist College which has been within the first 3 places in recent years and Grand Champion in 2016.

In addition, in 2019 I was a coach of Juegos Nacionales representing the Montes de Oca committee obtaining First place.

I am an internationally certified trainer with courses from the ICU (International Cheerleading Union).

I have had the opportunity to attend International Cheerleading Championships and Camps.

I am very excited and happy to be a part of the Saint Gregory Family as a Sports Coordinator, Cheer Coach, and High School and Online Teacher. And thus achieve great sports and wellness projects since sport is a great benefit for our students at a sports level, but also spiritually, mentally, teamwork and dicipline development.

Physical Education Teacher

Adolfo Centeno

I’m a college graduate in Physical Education and federated soccer coach. I have been working at SGS for 5 years now as the PE teacher for Preschool and Elementary school. I am also the soccer and badminton coach.
I get along with all my students and love to transmit my knowledge to them when playing sports.
I have experience in the minor league soccer, national champion in the LINAFA Tournament, and I have my own soccer academy.

Basketball Teacher

Juan Daniel Lobo

I am 27 years old, I am from Guadalupe de Cartago. I am a Physical Education Teacher. I am very passionate about dance, I am a CardioDance instructor and Popular Dance Teacher, I promote physical activity through games, sports and recreational activities.


Kristopher Moitland