High School

Educational Services


Our focus in High School is not only to develop academic skills in each student but also to teach about the importance of commitment, responsibility, honesty and integrity. The school offers a broad curriculum to prepare learners for university study in Costa Rica, the US or any country. We urge our students to be informed about local and international issues, be good communicators, and act with honor and fairness in everything they do.

Our curriculum is rooted in local and international culture. Some of the benefits we provide include:

    • Active learning methodologies.
    • Collaborative work.
    • ESL and Advanced English classes.
    • French from seventh to eleventh grade.
    • Soft skills development.
    • Digital citizenship.
    • Alternative assessments.
    • Digital support with the use of specific apps for each subject: Progrentis, ALEKS, Science Bits, EduSoft.

Our educational offer is unique and is supported by what makes us different :

    • Bilingual IB Diploma.
    • DELF certification with the French Alliance.
    • MATEM Certificate from ninth grade.
    • Exchange programs to the US, France and England.
    • MUN.
    • Educational tours.
    • Cheerleading, Soccer, Volleyball, Taekwondo, Badminton and Basketball Teams.
    • TOEIC and TOEFL preparation programs and accreditations.
    • Robotics and STEAM .
    • Electives (Fine Arts, Computer Programming, Public Speaking, Chess, Band, Functional Training).
    • Service and Leadership.
    • Hands-on Lab experiences for all levels.
    • One on one support program.
    • Small groups.
    • Personalized attention for parents and students.
    • ESL Program
    • Financial education