Director of Preschool-Teacher

María Teresa Canzanese

My name is María Teresa Canzanese. I have been working with kids for the last six years and this is my first year working in Saint Gregory. I finished my studies in 2017 specializing in Early Childhood Education. Teaching is my passion, being a mentor and guide in their personal and educative growth fills me with pride and joy. I love working with them every day!

Sports Coordinator

Marcela Reyes

My name is Marcela Reyes Jiménez. I have a degree in Teaching with an emphasis in Physical Education graduated from the Universidad de Costa Rica and the UNED. I have 18 years of experience in teaching preschool, primary and secondary school, as well as a University professor at the Universidad Internacional de las Americas.

I have 18 years of experience as a coach of institutional cheerleading teams and national cheerleading teams during 4 processes, in which we participated in the Cheerleading World Cup in the United States. I started as a cheerleader from third grade all the way through the Ulatina and UCR university processes. As a coach, I started in 2003 at the Liceo Laboratorio, 15 years as a coach at the Methodist College which has been within the first 3 places in recent years and Grand Champion in 2016.

In addition, in 2019 I was a coach of Juegos Nacionales representing the Montes de Oca committee obtaining First place.

I am an internationally certified trainer with courses from the ICU (International Cheerleading Union).

I have had the opportunity to attend International Cheerleading Championships and Camps.

I am very excited and happy to be a part of the Saint Gregory Family as a Sports Coordinator, Cheer Coach, and High School and Online Teacher. And thus achieve great sports and wellness projects since sport is a great benefit for our students at a sports level, but also spiritually, mentally, teamwork and dicipline development.


Viviana Chen

My name is Viviana Chen, I have been working in bilingual preschool for 6 years, and this is my second year in the SGS family. In 2018 I finished my studies at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica with a Master’s degreee in Psychopedagogy. I am passionate about aducating children and shape them for the future along with their families to educate integral human beings and emotionally strong.

Spanish Teacher - Preschool assistant

Verónica Brenes


Fabiola Quirós

My name is Fabiola Quirós, I recently finished my studies on Bilingual Preschool Education at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. I have 6 years of experience working with children, what I’m really passionate about is supporting and accompanying them in all areas of their development. My main goal is to create positive, empathetic and fun environments that nurture their knowledge and growth.


Edith Sánchez

In love with my profession and the joy that children radiate, I started working at the SGS in 2014. I’m dynamic, joyful, and caring which is what I like to transmit inside and outside of the classroom to children, parents, and peers.
I genuinely enjoy when my students fall in love with what I teach; my goal is to awaken their curiosity and desire to learn. I am 100% committed to taking care of each area of my students’ development and ensuring their healthy growth.
I live one day at a time, and I take advantage of every second in the best way possible.


Silvia Calvo

My name is Silvia Calvo, I graduated in 2010 from Ciencias y el Arte University with a preschool degree. I have been working for 13 years as a preschool teacher, and this is my first year at Saint Gregory School. I am really excited to be part of this marvelous school. I believe that love can do amazing things. That’s why I am a loving and caring teacher.


Fabiola Mora

My name is Fabiola Mora. Since I was a child, I have known that teaching is my vocation. I like to constantly learn and be trained on how to do my best. I have a Bachelor in English from the UCR, and I am currently studying psycho-pedagogy. This will be my sixth year working with children and the first one at Saint Gregory School. Throughout these years, I have realized that to educate and give myself to children is what fills my heart with joy as a professional and as a person, allowing myself to learn from them every day.


Valeria Camacho

My name is Valeria Camacho Richmond, I graduated from Florencio del Castillo University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree as a preschool teacher. Since I was little, I had felt passionate about learning English and teaching children. I have 2 years of experience working with kids and this is my first year being part of Saint Gregory School. My main goal is to create a healthy space where the child is able to perform and have fun while learning.

French Teacher

Maritza Quirós

Since I was fifteen I have followed my passion to teach as a catechist in my parish and I had no doubt that it would be forever. I studied French Teaching for primary and secondary at the University of Costa Rica and I have a degree in Educational Administration. In my 17 years of teaching experience I have collaborated in private schools, Ministries of Public Education and the French Alliance. I love music, dancing, singing, plants, social action and the joy of children. I have been part of the Saint Gregory family since 2002 and have worked as a preschool, primary and secondary French teacher, logistical support in the Ecological Blue Flag, first aid and primary and secondary catechesis.


Gabriel Murillo

Robotics and English teacher graduated with honors from the University of Costa Rica (UCR). With extensive experience in teaching English and robotics in the most prestigious institutions in the country. With high aptitude for information technology (IT). Certified by LEGO Education as We Do and EV3 Mindstorms robotics instructor. Co-coach of the First LEGO League nationals winning team 2019: City Shaper.


Gabriela Álvarez

Student Support

Lorna Álvarez

Hello, my name is Lorna Alvarez Solano. I have a degree in Psychopedagogy, and I have more than 20 years of experience in education. I have worked both in public and private areas, and I have experience in all educational cycles. Since I was a child, I was inclined to be a teacher. Later, I met psychology and fell in love with it, and I had the great opportunity to get to psychopedagogy, which makes a fusion of both disciplines in addition to providing support to all human beings who are in the teaching and learning process; and for that reason, I specialized in this area. I have worked with children and teenagers, as well as with university students, in a classroom and in private tutoring. I consider myself a sensitive person, and I really like to support children and adolescents and make them see that the world has a wide range of opportunities waiting for them. This is my first year in this great institution, Saint Gregory School, where I have found a warm and loving place to which I am proud and honored to belong.

Physical Education Teacher

Adolfo Centeno

I’m a college graduate in Physical Education and federated soccer coach. I have been working at SGS for 5 years now as the PE teacher for Preschool and Elementary school. I am also the soccer and badminton coach.
I get along with all my students and love to transmit my knowledge to them when playing sports.
I have experience in the minor league soccer, national champion in the LINAFA Tournament, and I have my own soccer academy.

Basketball Teacher

Juan Daniel Lobo

I am 27 years old, I am from Guadalupe de Cartago. I am a Physical Education Teacher. I am very passionate about dance, I am a CardioDance instructor and Popular Dance Teacher, I promote physical activity through games, sports and recreational activities.


Kristopher Moitland


Maríajose Navarro