Educational Offering

At our Preschool, we have a well-balanced curriculum, where our main goal is to build a foundation of learning that will help our students achieve a successful elementary education. We offer a standards-based program and individualized learning experiences.

We believe that learning occurs when children actively participate in their education, which is why our daily routines are based on a context of play and active strategies. Teachers have the important task of providing learning experiences that respond to developmental domains such as cognitive, social-emotional, language and physical, and that allow children to explore, discover, understand and challenge themselves. This will help students transform information into meaningful content and skills.

Our preschool children learn in two languages (Spanish and English). Our teachers are English-speaking professionals, and we also offer French as a third language, beginning in High School. We also believe in fostering connections with our children, families and learning to ensure children's success in school.

As extracurricular activities, our children participate in weekly swimming lessons. In addition, they can choose different clubs to participate in, such as soccer, cheerleading, art, gymnastics, basketball and athletics. All of these are included in our monthly fee.

We encourage you to come visit us and learn more about our program.

Our educational offer is unique and is based on what makes us different:

    • The child has an active role in the learning process.
    • Standards based on skills and competencies.
    • We cover all areas such as English, mathematics, science, physical development and creative thinking.
    • We believe in connections with our students, families and communities.
    • Trained personnel.
    • School life is 100% in English but always showing respect for their mother tongue.
    • Practical experiences that become meaningful knowledge.
    • Montessori classroom.
    • Large green and recreational areas.
    • Neuro-motricity class.
    • Play area with theater, theater, technology, library and other space
    • Special classes such as physical education, music, technology, swimming, clubs and Spanish, taught every week.
    • We include snacks or lunch (depending on the level).
    • We have our own psychology department.
    • Access to speech therapy sessions as part of their daily routine.
    • Classes with areas designed for children to explore and discover.
    • Applications that allow parents to have real-time information on their child's activities and routines in class.
    • Children use apps such as Joy School and Seesaw to strengthen their skills.
    • After School Program available.

Levels and their ages:

Nursery: From 10 months
Toddlers: 2 years to february 15
Pre Kinder: 3 years to february 15
Kinder: 4 years to february 15
Preparatory: 5 years to february 15