Our Four Core Values

Who we are

•Real Order: Learn to live and work in organized spaces. Receive academic feedback in an orderly fashion so that the student can work mentally and physically within a framework of order that eases the process and teaches the student the importance of being organized.

•Unique Discipline: Create good habits that facilitate developing and growing as responsible human beings under the social standards accepted by our society. The constant practice of discipline models a positive attitude and self-discipline towards the fulfillment of our duties, and self-reflection.

•Integral Values: To be able to discern what is good for us and what is not. Developing firm criteria and a defined personality that leads students to strongly believe in their principles, founded on what is learned at home and at school. That is why it is important that in their households, students learn the importance of honesty, their self-image, living with the truth, harmony, social responsibility, and seeking to learn and grow to become a good person. We foster many values that are enhanced at home.

•Effective Quality: Always strive for quality in everything. We hold the highest standards as an educational organization, with academic excellence in the formative aspects of education, humanity, the quality of our customer service, the quality and professionalism of our staff, in our classrooms, and in all the events we organize in our campus. To sum it all up, we call it integral quality.