The Pack

About Us

The Pack began in 2012 as a project whose purpose was to update the image of our Institution's mascot. This project had the participation of all High School students during their Human Formation classes.
Our institutional mascot is The Wolf. Wolves are extraordinary animals, they never leave their pack. They are supportive and fierce at the same time. They are cautious and bold. They have deep-rooted customs and from all of them emanate an aura of dignity.
We are WOLVES, is a concept that represents many of Saint Gregory's values, such as loyalty, respect, communication, sincerity, healthy coexistence, generosity and teamwork. This is where The Pack comes from, a pack in which everyone looks out for each other, and the older students are role models for the younger ones.
According to Francesc Miralles, writer and expert in personal development and spirituality, there are 9 principles inspired by the behavior of wolves that all human beings should learn:

  1. Respect for the elders, learn from their wisdom.
  2. The guiding labor of the elders. Adults take very seriously their role in guiding the youngest, helping them grow and protecting them.
  3. Cooperation with the clan, although there are lone wolves, they always have their pack as a reference, as a beginning and an end, they know that they are part of a group and they support each other.
  4. Playfulness. Wolves are playful, when it comes to playing, hierarchies disappear and the older ones enjoy having fun with the pups.
  5. Austerity. Wolves only hunt when necessary and do not consume more than they need.
  6. The value of the pause. These animals always take a moment to pause and think, during their journeys.
  7. Show affection. The form of organization of this species implies very strong bonds of affection between the members of the herd.
  8. Express, say, show. Wolves howl for different reasons. It is a way of expressing themselves and they do it without inhibitions or excuses.
  9. Adaptation to all tests. These animals are true survivors. They adapt, resist in the most inhospitable places and fight to live.

The pack then represents the feelings of our students, group union, solidarity, equal treatment and the possibility of sharing the same values ​​and growing together in Saint Gregory.