Tutor Plus


What is Tutor Plus?

Tutor Plus is a Center for Specialized Tutoring, based in Saint Gregory, aimed at elementary and high school students, offering different types of services, all in an individual mode, meaning that the tutoring is dedicated for students who need to strengthen knowledge and academic weaknesses with the objective of enhancing their abilities, adapting to the student’s available schedules.

Tutor Plus offers:

  1. Individual and personalized tutoring: for high school or elementary students that need to improve academic knowledge through the attention of a professional specialized in the area that they wish to reinforce. The minimum session is one hour and we work in the chosen area in the languages of English (Spelling, Reading, Grammar, etc.) Spanish and French, as well as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, etc.
  2. Preparation tutoring for specific tests: such as Admission Tests of the UCR, TEC and UNA. We prepare students in search of academic excellence, so that they can carry them out successfully, and make their university dreams come true.
  3. Study techniques and individual improvement: aimed at students who wish to improve their academic performance, improve their grades and earn their school year.
  4. Personal enrichment: It enhances the personality of the student and raises self-esteem and self-confidence, leading a specific process with the specialists of Tutor Plus, to achieve this end.

All these courses are employed with our Personalized Attention, unique in the country and exclusively offered by Tutor Plus. This is an academic process that has highlighted the educational service over the years, with excellent results of academic improvement in students.